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Could a Democratic Congress subpoena Trump’s taxes (yes)? And what are the big cases of corruption and dereliction of duty that are ripe for real congressional oversight? We discuss it all in the new episode of The Josh Marshall Podcast. Listen here or listen on iTunes. Whatever you do, please take a moment to subscribe to my Podcast on iTunes. It’s a great listen and by subscribing you help us introduce the show to more listeners. Thanks.

There are countless stories to tell about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s big upset win tonight in New York’s 14th congressional district, based in adjoining (across the river) parts of Queens and the Bronx. But the most important one is that it really should not surprise us. New York is a dramatically different city than it was even ten years ago. The differences are vast compared to two or three decades ago when representatives like Joe Crowley and other challenged incumbents began their careers. It makes perfect sense that a young person of color with social democratic politics would be a winner in this district.

Here are some basic demographic facts about the 14th district.

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Stunning thing about Rep. Joe Crowley’s apparent defeat tonight is not just the result but that it’s not even close. It looks like a 15-point margin. And he may not be the only incumbent to go down in New York City. Yvette Clarke in the 9th District is up by a single point, just about 300 votes over challenger Adem Bunkeddeko. As I wrote this morning, real elections are a great thing. New York City needs more of them.

Also felon Michael Grimm went down to a resounding defeat. I’d have liked both him and Donovan to lose. But since one had to win, this is probably the better result, though it’s probably a harder race for Democrats to win now.

Of the two others I mentioned this morning, Eliot Engel crushed all his opponents and my rep, Carolyn Maloney, is winning comfortably, by a similar margin to the one Ocasio-Cortez holds over Crowley. Wow.

Be certain to read Tierney Sneed’s article on this broad attack against the Mueller probe from the judge in one of the two Manafort prosecutions. I react very negatively at some level simply because I think the Mueller probe is a critical, righteous, essential investigation. Beyond this, the independence and integrity of the probe are really beyond reproach. In part this is because of the reputations and conduct of the key players, particularly Robert Mueller. But we always have to remember that this is an entirely Republican affair. A Republican Deputy Attorney General appointed by President Trump choosing a Republican former Director of the FBI. The idea that this probe is infected by partisanship is simply absurd.

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Okay, I got some further detail on how exactly subpoenaing/getting the President’s tax returns would work if the Democrats get run at least one house of Congress next year. We’ll write it up later this evening.