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Tomorrow we’re launching our annual Prime sign up drive.

As you may already see from this first iteration of the new front page, the new set up allows us to more clearly surface a lot of what we’re publishing in Prime. With this in place, we’ll also be upping what we’re publishing in Prime. But as I’ve explained in recent days, if you’re a regular reader of TPM, please take this time to become a member. It is a critical part of the future of the site. In addition to supporting our independent journalism, you also get a lot of cool stuff. You get all the exclusive Prime articles. You get fewer ads. You get access to the Hive, ad-free RSS feeds, various gizmos and features. If you’re a regular reader of TPM, please make this the time. It’s easy, quick, cheap. We kick off tomorrow.

As you acclimate to the new TPM front page design, I wanted to share a few thoughts to give some context about what we’re trying to do with this new design and other details to help you make sense of it.

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Watching the Sanders press conference this morning, Sanders seems to have moved another big notch forward in terms of very clipped answers. Basically every answer is, I don’t have anything more for you. In addition, she has rolled out what seems like a new talking point. Each time she’s asked if Trump committed a crime she said repeatedly “he did nothing wrong. There are no charges against him.”

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A number of people noted overnight that President Trump’s first and second Congressional endorsers in 2016 have now both been indicted. Those are Chris Collins of New York and Duncan Hunter of California.

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This afternoon, just as all hell was starting to break loose, I talked to John Dean about Watergate, Trump Russia and similarities between the two. Listen here.

Here is a transcript and video of Trump’s brief comments on today’s news. Note that there’s no discussion of Cohen, only Manafort – transcript per pool report.

Transcript after the jump …

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Developing: Cohen appears to directly implicate a “candidate” in the campaign finance violations he is currently pleading guilty to.