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David Taintor is a news editor at Talking Points Memo. Previously, he worked at NBC News and Adweek. He's a native of Minnesota. Reach him at taintor@talkingpointsmemo.com.

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A creationist theme park slated to be built in Kentucky has big ambitions, including erecting a full-size wooden ark, a walled city with plenty of outdoor parking. And now it's set to receive a 75 percent property tax discount to do it.

The 75 percent property tax break will span the next 30 years, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. Rick Skinner, the mayor of Williamstown -- in Grant County, where the park will be built -- said the offer will be followed by a formal deal in the coming months, according to the report. Skinner did not immediately return TPM's requests for comment.

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Less than two months after Keith Olbermann made his debut on Current TV, the progressive television network has made another high-profile hire.

David Bohrman, formerly CNN's vice president of programming and Washington bureau chief, has been tapped as president of Current TV. And he'll have his work cut out for him. The network is planning to build its programming around Olbermann's "Countdown" -- currently its flagship program.

After securing "Countdown" in the lineup, Current co-founder and CEO Joel Hyatt told TPM "we realized what we needed, at the senior level of leadership at the company ... someone with the expertise in TV news programming and production. We set out to find the very best person, and all roads led to David Bohrman."

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Sometimes -- well, a lot of times -- cable news networks have to fill air time. Like when they have to wait for President Obama to make a statement. And especially when those remarks are pushed back 30 minutes.

Enter Donald Trump, cable news' recent favorite financial analyst. While America waited for Obama to speak on Monday, as stock markets were cratering, Trump -- who, for a successful business mogul, seems to have a remarkable amount of free time to do interviews -- weighed in on everything from the United States' debt deal (which he says shows a lack of leadership), the president (whom Trump said earlier he is still no fan of) and China (America's "enemy").

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It's only been a few days since Al Jazeera English launched in New York City, but a spokesperson for the network says the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

While most of the evidence has been anecdotal, more than 200 emails have come through the network's Demand Al Jazeera English campaign since the NYC launch.

Al Jazeera -- the network that dominated with its coverage of the Arab Spring -- on Monday launched in New York City on Time Warner Cable and will be available on Verizon FiOS in the city in the coming days.

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Students at a high school in Red Wing, Minnesota brought school spirit to new lows with a "Wigger Wednesday" dress-up day tradition, according to a lawsuit filed against the school district.

Quera Pruitt, a Red Wing high school alumna, is suing the school district and administrators over creating a hostile and racist educational environment.

Here's what happened: Students during the 2008 and 2009 homecoming celebrations wore "oversized sports jerseys, low-slung pants, baseball bats cocked to the side and 'doo rags' on their heads," according to the suit. About 60 or 70 students took what was supposed to be "tropical day" and turned it into "wigger day," the suit claims. To the unfamiliar, and as the case points out, the term "wigger" is a derogatory term for a white person who emulates African-American culture.

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It looks like Rachel Maddow's career is not over. MSNBC has extended her contract well beyond the 2012 election, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

It's likely no one was too worried about Maddow's career. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Maddow's ratings continue to grow. And she is MSNBC's highest rated anchor, the Huffington Post reports. But there remains one small -- well, maybe tiny -- thorn in her side: a $50 million lawsuit for slander and false light.

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