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Veteran reporter Bob Woodward regaled a crowd Thursday in Youngstown, Ohio with tales of his storied journalism career, recalling a dinner with former Vice President Al Gore as "taxing" and "unpleasant," according to The Vindicator newspaper:

He also told an unflattering, but amusing story about sitting next to former Vice President Al Gore at a dinner, saying being with him was “taxing,” and added, “To be really honest, it’s unpleasant.”


Woodward said Gore pressed him on why the journalist didn’t go after Bush, who beat Gore in the 2000 presidential election, over the war in Iraq.


Gore was a former reporter before becoming a politician, and “he thinks he invented [reporting] also,” Woodward joked in reference to an often misquoted statement that the ex-vice president claimed he invented the Internet.

h/t Political Wire.

Correction: This post originally reported that Woodward's appearance was at Youngstown State University. It was at Stambaugh Auditorium as part of the university's lecture series. 

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on May 16 is scheduled to visit the White House, Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a written statement Friday. 

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Erdogan over the 2010 flotilla raid, during a call that President Obama sat in on. 

"As friends and NATO allies, the United States and Turkey are partners in addressing a range of critical global and regional issues," Carney said in his statement. "The President looks forward to discussing these issues with the Prime Minister, to include Syria, trade and economic cooperation, and countering terrorism."

Carney added: "The Prime Minister’s visit underscores the close friendship between the United States and Turkey and the strategic importance we place on broadening and strengthening our relationship moving forward."

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King Abdullah II of Jordan on April 26 is scheduled to visit the White House, Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a written release Friday. President Obama last month traveled to Jordan on his trip to the Middle East. During that trip, Obama proposed $200 million in additional aid to assist the country with the influx of Syrian refugees who have fled civil war.  

"The President deeply appreciated the hospitality he received in Jordan last month and looks forward to continuing his consultations with King Abdullah on Jordan’s political and economic reforms, the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and additional regional issues of mutual concern. As the President said in Amman last month, Jordan is an invaluable ally and close friend. King Abdullah's visit is a demonstration of the close partnership between the United States and Jordan," Carney said.

President Obama on Friday at a White House Easter prayer breakfast reflected on his recent visit to the Holy Land during his Middle East trip, saying, "there are few experiences more powerful or more humbling than visiting that sacred earth."

"This year I had, I think it was a particularly special for me, because right before Easter, I had a chance to feel that spirit during my trip to the Holy Land," Obama said. "And I think so many of you here know, there are few experiences more powerful or more humbling than visiting that sacred earth. It brings scripture to life. It brings us closer to Christ. It reminds us that our savior, who suffered and died, was resurrected. Both fully God and also a man, a human being who lived and walked and felt joy and sorrow, just like us. And so for Christians to walk where he walked and see what he saw are blessed moments. And while I had been to Jerusalem before, where Jesus healed the sick and cured the blind and embraced the (inaudible), I also had a chance to go to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. And those of you who've been there know that entering the church is a remarkable experience. Although it is a useful instruction to see how managing different sections of the church and different clergy, it feels familiar. Let's just put it that way. And, you know, as I approached the altar of the nativity, as I neared the 14-pointed silver star that marks the spot where Christ was born, the patriarch of Jerusalem welcomed me to, in his words, 'the place where heaven and Earth met.'"

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and other financiers have invested $5 million in the business news website Business Insider. Business Insider CEO and editor Henry Blodget said in a memo to staff, posted on the site:

Basically, Jeff Bezos is making a significant investment in the company. Our existing investors are also chipping in some more.  In total, we're raising $5 million. 

This capital will allow us to continue to invest aggressively in many areas of the business, including editorial, tech/product, sales and marketing, subscriptions, and events. As we mentioned last night, it will also allow us to expand our office.

Bloomberg broke the news of the investment. Business Insider executive editor Joseph Weisenthal tweeted that he is "pretty sure the money is being invested to be spent."


Read Blodget's full memo at Business Insider.

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House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement on the March jobs report, which showed that the U.S. economy added 88,000 new jobs:

“The president’s policies continue to make it harder for Americans to find work. Hundreds of thousands fled the workforce last month and unemployment remains far above what the Obama administration promised when it enacted its ‘stimulus’ spending plan.


“To help grow our economy and expand opportunity for all Americans, Republicans passed a balanced budget that addresses our spending problem, unleashes North American energy like Keystone, and fixes our broken tax code, and voted to replace the president’s sequester with smarter cuts and reforms. One of the best things President Obama can do is follow the House and outline a balanced budget next week – one that includes entitlement reforms that are not conditional on enactment of more tax increases, which will suppress growth instead of encourage it.”

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