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TPM Reader RB checks in with this dispatch from the Trump rally in North Carolina yesterday. The perspective of a fellow TPM reader is different from what you typically get from news reports, and RB's take is particularly nuanced.

One point before you dive in: This was the same rally where an attendee was caught on camera appearing to throw a punch at a black protestor, apparently out of RB's view.

Here's RB's account:

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Two pieces of breaking news on the Oregon standoff: The local sheriff has ruled that the police shooting of standoff leader Lavoy Finicum was justified, but five FBI agents are under investigation for allegedly either lying about or covering up two shots that one of them fired at Finicum, but which apparently missed.

One measure of how far-fetched Mitt Romney's plan for strategic voting to deny Donald Trump a majority of delegates before the convention is: It may not survive the March 15 Florida primary, where a Marco Rubio defeat could prove fatal to the whole plan.

Rubio campaign goes off on Wolf Blitzer over CNN report that Rubio may not last until next week's Florida primary. Watch.

The networks all called South Carolina for Hillary Clinton as soon as polls closed. Six in 10 Democratic voters today were African American, and the networks are describing her victory as overwhelming, which would be in line with the recent polling of the state. Full story here.