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So it turns out treating a charitable foundation like your personal piggy bank is frowned upon. Who knew!

Tierney Sneed talked with experts in the legal and tax implications of Trump's self-dealing, and this stuff is so out of bounds, so beyond the norm, that it could put the tax-exempt status of the foundation in jeopardy and incur serious financial consequences for Trump himself.

Worth your read this morning.

The Washington Post's David Farenthold had the best coda to Trump's birther debacle this morning. So, um, Mr. Trump, what about that $5 million you promised to donate to charity when Obama's U.S. birth was proven to your satisfaction?

At the peak of birtherism, you may remember, an Army lieutenant colonel refused to deploy to Afghanistan absent proof that President Obama was born in the United States. The officer, a doctor named Terrence Lakin, was court-martialed, found guilty, jailed, and discharged from the Army.

One of Donald Trump's introducers today at the new Trump Hotel, was a retired Air Force general who supported Lakin. He even submitted an affidavit on his behalf, questioning whether Obama was properly within the chain of command, since his U.S. birth was in question.

So there you have it: Trump brings a birther to his presser purporting to disavow birtherism.

Tierney Sneed reports from the Values Voter Summit in DC, where this comment from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) may sum up the extreme contradiction that Trump poses for evangelicals: "I’d like to elect a godly man, but we don’t have that choice.”

Congress returns this week, and I can't even begin to get my head around everything that has happened since they left town in mid-July right before the GOP convention. What a crazy couple of months it's been. So many things for reporters to ask about. Lauren Fox has the rundown. It'll blow your mind.

I thought it'd be helpful to compile a timeline of the last 10 days of build-up to the big Trump immigration speech that was supposedly going to represent a break from his past demagoguing on this issue. Yes, you should have been skeptical all along that much was going to change, or that any change would be more than window dressing. But there was ample evidence from Trump himself and his aides that some sort of shift was afoot. It wasn't just media hype or cluelessness. What emerges from the timeline is how utterly unmoored and erratic Trump and his campaign are. Nothing captured that quite like the day and night contrast between Mexico City yesterday afternoon and Phoenix last night. But the timeline shows that's consistent with the same erratic dance Team Trump has been performing for a week and a half. Take a look.

Eagle-eyed viewers watching the introductions to Donald Trump's big immigration speech Wednesday evening may have caught it.

As they addressed the crowd in Phoenix, top Trump supporters Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) donned sparkling white baseball caps with the campaign's newest slogan: "Make Mexico Great Again Also."

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