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A GOP memo to Republican members of all the county election boards in North Carolina, obtained by the Raleigh News and Observer via a public records request, reveals everything you suspected about GOP motivations in pushing for voting restrictions, including voter ID laws. It's not surprising, but it should still shock the conscience. Give this a read.

Vin Weber talked to TPM's Lauren Fox about the Trump campaign "shake-up" and captures where things stands today: "Look, we are in a terrible position. The Republican Party has made a mistake of historic proportion and when you do that, you find yourself in a place with no good solutions."

Read Lauren's piece here.

Appeals court rules North Carolina's new voting restrictions intentionally discriminated against African American voters. Full decision here.

Let's be realistic. GOP intransigence on Obamacare is not going to evaporate. But Tierney Sneed reports from Philly on why health care advisers in the Clinton circle are optimistic there are avenues to advance reforms. Worth a read.

If there's one thing Tierney Sneed and Lauren Fox found while reporting for us in Cleveland that I probably don't factor in enough in assessing the Trump phenomenon it's the deep resentment and bitterness Republican Party rank-and-file feel toward their own leaders for not fulfilling the extravagant promises made to them since the 2010 Tea Party revolt. I tend to focus more on the white resentment, race-baiting, and xenophobia that arise from the tectonic social shifts way below the surface. They're not decoupled from each other, but the promise that Obama would be put in his place (with all the accompanying racial overtones to that notion) and his political and policy agenda expunged from the public record were powerful GOP draws for three election cycles, as detached from political reality as those promises may have been.

You get a strong flavor of that intra-party resentment in Lauren and Tierney's dispatch from last night. We've written before about how the grievances nursed against Obama ultimately came to be redirected at Republican leaders on the Hill, and you certainly saw that with the booing of Mitch McConnell this week when he was on the stage. But their story is a good reminder on that point and captures it well.

One of the emerging themes of the 2016 campaign on the GOP side is flying below the radar right now but will be incredibly important down the road: Social conservatives are taking advantage of Donald Trump's relative indifference to their issues to drive the party farther right and lock it in there. This piece from Cleveland by Tierney Sneed and Lauren Fox provides a good window into that dynamic via the pro-life movement.