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In the 3 closely watched House races in Connecticut, Republicans Simmons and Shays hold early leads along with Democrat Murphy. Still very early.

In the Senate:

Republicans lose Ohio, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania.

Democrats retain New Jersey, Maryland, and Minnesota.

3 down.

3 to go.

In another flip, Lincoln Chafee goes down in Rhode Island, according to CNN, losing to Sheldon Whitehouse after the White House propped up Chafee in the GOP primary.

The Kentucky 3rd goes to Democrat Yarmuth over incumbent Republican Anne Northup. That's another pick-up for the Democrats.

In Vermont, Democrat Peter Welch defeats Republican Martha Rainville for Bernie Sanders open House seat.

In the important Maryland Senate race, NBC is calling it for Democrat Ben Cardin over Republican Michael Steele.

The GOP had hopes that it could swipe the NJ or Maryland seats.

The Dems have held.

Joe Lieberman defeats Ned Lamont, CNN says.

Will Lieberman occupy a crucial pivot point in a closely divided Senate? Just one of many questions yet to be resolved this evening.

The Minnesota Senate seat is projected by CNN to go to Democrat Amy Klobuchar over GOPer Mark Kennedy.

As of approximately 9 pm EST, there is a net gain of 2 Senate seats and 1 House seat for the Democrats.

NBC calls the Pennsylvania Senate race. Bob Casey defeats Rick Santorum.

PA and Ohio flip.

NJ holds.

2 down

4 to go.

In the first Senate seat to flip tonight, CNN calls Ohio for Sherrod Brown over Mike DeWine.