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TSA Worker Assaults Colleague For Joking About His Genitals During Body Scanner Training


Rolando Negrin, a TSA employee at Miami International Airport, was arrested for aggravated battery after he attacked a colleague, in response to coworkers poking fun at the size of his penis during a body-scanning machine training session. According to a local NBC report, sources say Negrin became embarrassed and angry by a supervisor's jokes as he walked through the machine.

A police report obtained by NBC states that Negrin later attacked a colleague with a police baton in a parking lot, and told the victim to kneel down and say "sorry." After being arrested, Negrin told police that coworkers often made fun of him.

Full body scanners have raised privacy concerns since they were first introduced in airports. Of course, as a result of all this, Negrin has only succeeded in drawing nationwide attention to his, ahem, situation.

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