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Tea Party Express E-Mail Puts Sen. Bob Bennet In 'Crosshairs'


The subject line of an e-mail sent out by the group reads: "Senator Bennett in Crosshairs Today - Tea Party Express Rally."

In the wake of last week's health care votes -- and the subsequent outbreak of violence and threats -- many politicians have been decrying the use of guns-and-shooting rhetoric.

Here's the full text of the e-mail:

The Tea Party Express has a message for Utah Senator, Bob Bennett: our country deserves better.

Today at the Tea Party Express rally in Salt Lake City, conservative challengers to Bennett will be provided a platform to speak to the crowd and provide voters an alternative to Bennett.

"We've said all along that the problem in Washington is one of both Republicans and Democrats, and Bob Bennett is the epitome of the establishment mentality that has led this country astray," said Mark Williams, Chairman of the Tea Party Express.

Here are the details on the Tea Party Express Salt Lake City rally:


Utah State Capitol
350 N Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT

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