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Fla. Gunmaker Engraves Bible Verse Into Rifle To Ward Away 'Muslim Terrorists'


“Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle,” the side of the gun reads.

Three settings line the safety selector that controls the gun’s trigger: Peace, War and God Wills It.

Spike’s Tactical’s spokesman, an Iraq veteran, Ben “Mookie” Thomas, told WFME that he was inspired to create the weapon after learning from a news report that U.S.-made weapons were ending up in the hands of Islamic State fighters.

“Off the cuff I said I’d like to have a gun that if a Muslim terrorist picked it up a bolt of lightning would hit and knock him dead,” Thomas said in a Wednesday interview with The Orlando Sentinel.

The “Crusader” was criticized by Muslim groups almost immediately after its release on Wednesday.

Ali Kurnaz, spokesman for the Council of American-Islamic Relations, told WFME that the gun “is a shameful marketing ploy intending to profit from the promotion of hatred and violence.”

Spike's Tactical's website features other Christian-themed products, including a "Crusade Beats Jihad" T-shirt, selling for $15.

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