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Here Are The People Who Got Biden 2016 Totally Wrong

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U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) on Monday telegraphed an imminent Biden campaign launch:

Fox News' Ed Henry also reported Monday that three sources close to the vice president said he would be jumping into the Democratic primary race. And New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman argued last week that it was "obvious" Biden was running for President, and in fact already had been working a sort of underground campaign ever since speaking with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd about his dying son Beau's entreaties for him to run.

But Twitter users took especial schadenfreude in retweeting Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol's busted predictions. The consistently wrong Kristol, who'd said Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton likely wouldn't run in 2016, took another wild swing and missed on Biden:

The Washington Post was so ready for Biden to take the plunge that on Monday night it accidentally published an article it had prepared in advance of the vice president's announcement that he'd be joining the race. The newspaper said it was due to a "technical glitch" and the reporter, Paul Kane, tweeted that he also had a "he-says-no" prepared to run. That story was published Wednesday.

Boyle, at least, copped to getting it wrong:

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