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Inhofe: Most Of What Obama Said In SOTU Wasn't True

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Speaking on the KRMG Morning News Show with Joe Kelley this morning (Listen to the audio here), Inhofe called Obama's remarks "very carefully orchestrated phrases that say nothing, do nothing."

He attributed a kind of hypnotic power to Obama's oratorical skills, saying "I have to say that he was so incredibly eloquent, that I see a lot of people that I look at next to me that you know don't agree with this stuff and they start nodding in approval."

The comparison to Clinton came at the very start of the exchange. "I was thinking back to the first State of the Union address by Bill Clinton," Inhofe told the host. "And I thought 'this guy can say things that aren't true with greater conviction than anyone I've ever seen.' I honestly think that Obama is better."

He finished the interview by saying Obama was pandering to all "the groups he's catering too, there's a little bit for everyone -- most of it wasn't true," yet he added "I don't really want to be discourteous about this."

Listen below:

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