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Hannity Publishing Anti-Obama Book Urging Conservatives To Take Country Back -- Before It's Too Late


HarperCollins will publish "Conservative Victory" on March 30. According to Hannity's web site, the book will focus on topics ranging "from the president's affiliation with radical theology to his advisers' history of Marxist activism, repression of the media, support for leftist dictators, and worse." He'll also expose Obama's "campaign to dismantle the American free-market system and forfeit our national sovereignty."

But it's not all bad news! The book will also show how "conservatives can unite behind this country's most cherished principles and act now to get America back on the right track - while we still can."

For the die-hard fans among you, Hannity will also be going on a 10-city book tour, which begins (somewhat surprisingly) in San Francisco.

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