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Group Crowdsources Effort To Put Up Anti-Obama Billboards


The group -- Billboards Against Obama -- was formed several weeks ago, and has already put up several billboards in the Atlanta metro area, according to local news reports.

While the group plans to remain anonymous, they have asked life coach, motivational speaker, and New York Times bestselling author Tommy Newberry to act as their spokesman. Newberry told TPM that the group was united by a common frustration against Obama and a desire to do something with that feeling.

But why billboards?

"Where are the people? They're out driving around," Newberry told TPM in an interview.

On the group's website, people can contribute money, sponsor new billboards, and even contribute new billboard designs. "Be seen -- be heard -- before it's too late!" the site reads. "There is a war going on...a war for the future of America!"

Currently, there are three billboard messages:

  • Stop Obama's Socialism

  • Now It's Personal: America's Coming For You Congress! Vote Liberals Out In 2010!

  • If You're Not Outraged You're Not Paying Attention.

Each billboard features an illustration of President Obama.

Newberry says the group has received hundreds of monetary contributions so far, in amounts ranging from one dollar to thousands, and that the group is now looking to expand the campaign as far as the west coast. According to Newberry, the group decided to put their money and effort toward billboards rather than candidates because "we've delegated to politicians far too long."

"This is a way to go directly to fellow citizens," Newberry said.

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