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Fox News Prez Roger Ailes: I Told 'Our Guys' To 'Tone It Down'


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Ailes also said there were enough warning signs that the alleged shooter Jared Loughner was unstable before the rampage on Saturday.

"He was a flag burner," Ailes said. "He just was not attached to the Tea Party. It's just a bullshit way to use the death of a little girl to get Fox News in an argument."

Simmons concluded by saying that -- left or right -- we need to create a more intellectual dialogue on how to govern the country. He also admitted he was "to the left" of Obama. Ailes, of course, couldn't resist a jibe at that.

"Then you must be skinny, you can't get between the wall and him," Ailes said, laughing. "You got to be one skinny guy, man."

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