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Coulter Vs. Canada: Ottawa Speech Canceled After Protests, Fire Alarm


Hundreds turned out to protest on Tuesday night outside the university's Marion Hall. Nine police cars were called to the scene, and the event was eventually canceled after someone reportedly pulled the building's fire alarm, prompting an evacuation.

According to The Vancouver Sun, the university had sent Coulter a note before last night's events, asking her to keep "respect and civility in mind" and to adhere to Canada's hate speech laws. The university's student federation banned posters advertising the event.

The controversy started earlier in the week. Coulter had drawn headlines for her comments on Monday at University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. A Muslim student had questioned Coulter's statement that Muslims should use "flying carpets" instead of flying on airplanes. When the student asked her what she should do since she didn't own a flying carpet, Coulter responded: "Take a camel."

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