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Colbert & Rendell Discuss How Americans Are A Bunch Of 'Wusses' (VIDEO)


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But there's more: Last night, Rendell went on to describe how China is "kicking our butt virtually in every field of endeavor," and, according to Rendell, the U.S. isn't doing enough to catch up.

Colbert agreed, saying in order to compete, maybe the U.S. should abolish its child labor laws, and perhaps U.S. prisoners should make our toys.

"All that's well and good," Rendell said.

"We're a country based on risk-takers," Rendell added. "We seem to have lost that pioneer spirit, the adventuresome spirit, our boldness, our courage, and I think it's happening to the detriment of the country. And it's not just about a football game."

Colbert, being the tough interviewer he is, then challenged Rendell, asking if he's wussing out by not running for another term -- even though it's illegal.

"Well, you could interpret it that way," Rendell said.

"I just did, sir," Colbert replied.


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