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Colbert Lampoons MLK Day Ads: 'Free Shipping At Last!' (VIDEO)


"Now you'll have a dream on a Serta pillow top, available in Marting Luther King, Martin Luther Queen and Martin Luther Twin," Colbert said.

The best tribute of all, Colbert said, was K-Mart's offer of free shipping with the coupon code "MLKDAY."

"Free shipping at last!" Colbert declared. "Free shipping at last! Thank God almighty, free shipping at last!"

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Colbert also applauded Maine Gov. Paul LePage, who responded to the NAACP's criticism of his planned non-participation in certain Martin Luther King Day events with a terse "kiss my butt."

"Before Dr. King came along, could anyone have imagined a white politician openly inviting a black person to kiss him, and without pants?" Colbert said. "That's progress."


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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Sales
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