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Colbert: Bring Back Gold As Currency! (VIDEO)


Gold has intrinsic value, Colbert added, because "it's shiny." Turns out Colbert's not alone in thinking that. Last week, we reported on George state Rep. Bobby Franklin's (R) plans to introduce legislation that would require the state to conduct all monetary transactions with gold or silver coins.

But that might be difficult, Colbert acknowledged, because "most of Georgia's gold reserves are tied up in Lil John's teeth."

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At least 10 states over the past several years have introduced legislation to allow gold and silver to be used in commerce.

Worried about carrying around all that bullion? Colbert laid out how simple it will be.

"Instead of a bulky wallet, you just carry around this stylish leather sack, tied to your tunic," he said. "Just be careful you don't confuse your gold sack with your snuff sack, or your actual sack, which may not be legal, but it sure is tender."


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