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Brick Thrown Through Window Of MI GOP Office

The Livingston County Sheriff's office told TPM that the brick bore the words "long live the USA" and "God bless the USA" written in Sharpie, and that there are no suspects. The sheriff's office is asking the public for any information on the incident.

"Without the public's help it's not going to get solved," Under Sheriff Michael Murphy told TPM. According to the state GOP's website, Murphy also serves as the Livingston GOP's county chair.

The state Republican Party is calling the incident politically motivated. In a statement to The Detroit Free Press, Michigan Republican Party Chief of Staff Josh Venable said:

This type of reckless vandalism has no place in our democracy. While those who oppose us have resorted to throwing bricks, Michigan Republicans remain steadfast in our mission to fix Michigan.

No one was hurt by the brick, which was discovered this morning by staff of the Republican Fix Michigan Center office in Howell, MI, about 50 miles northwest of Detroit.

In the wake of the health care overhaul vote, there has been a rash of incidents of threats and vandalism targeting lawmakers across the country.

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