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Boehner: Repealing HCR Must Be GOP's #1 Priority


"They got everything else in the entire bureaucracy that they need to control our health care system -- is all in place with the signing of this bill," Boehner said on WFLA-AM's The Bud Hedinger Show this morning. (Listen to the audio here.)

Still, Boehner also hinted that repeal isn't the only option available. If the GOP retakes the House, Boehner said, they could simply not fund reform:

Remember, all spending bills and all tax bills start in the House of Representatives under the Constitution, and as a result, if the funding isn't there, the funding isn't there, whether it's their health care bill or all this other unnecessary spending that's coming out of Washington

You can hear other excerpts of Boehner's interview here.

(h/t The Hill)

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