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Barney Frank Reportedly Heckled Over Health Care On Flight

Newscom / Scott J. Ferrell

The Globe report, which Frank's office confirmed to TPM, states that the two doctors noticed Frank on the flight and loudly called the health care overhaul an "Obamanation." The Globe also said the women were drinking, citing a passenger.

"They wanted to talk to me, but I apologized and said I like to read and watch on planes," Frank told The Globe. "They began to talk louder and that's when Jimmy [Ready, Frank's partner] said, 'If you're trying to be bitchy, you're doing a good job.'"

Brooke Sexton, another passenger on the flight, told the Globe that "No one was calming things down and people were standing up shouting."

Neither TPM nor the Globe has been able to identify or contact the doctors who allegedly heckled Frank.

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