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"Some Republicans speculated Monday that Ms. Harris would announce not that she was dropping out but that she was resigning from the House to devote all her time to the Senate race."



From Roll Call:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has unveiled a proposal to limit donations to 527 organizations [like] to $25,000 per person each year, or $50,000 each election cycle, that if enacted could be a huge blow to the groups' hopes of being a force in the 2006 elections. Those groups raised and spent more than $500 million in the previous cycle, with many of the organizations relying on multimillion-dollar donations from wealthy individuals to fund their activities.

(Roll Call)

Bob Ney - Dead Man Running

A couple more, apparently minor candidates have entered the race with Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), who is running despite his almost certain eventual indictment on bribery charges in the Abramoff investigation. For his part, Ney's strategy so far seems like it's to avoid appearing at all with the other candidates. (Athens News)

Reed Watch

Last year, just as the Abramoff scandal was finally getting legs, Ralph Reed, whose dalliances with Abramoff were just coming to light, decided to run for Lt. Governor of Georgia. There have long been predictions that Reed could not run from his past. The Stakeholder argues that Reed is finally the disaster for the Georgia Republican Party that everyone thought he would be. (The Stakeholder)

Rhode Island Senate Nominee Attempts to Explain Away Campaign Finance Sketchiness

Matt Brown, now Secretary of State in Rhode Island, is a Democrat running for the Senate there and has been having trouble because it was reported that his campaign had funneled donations through out of state Dem parties. He said yesterday that "he personally asked supporters to give money to three state Democratic parties that contributed to his Senate campaign, but he never made a deal to illegally funnel donations to his campaign." Not an entirely satisfactory explanation, I would say. (AP)

Request for Ohio Coingate Info Denied

"A company hired to examine the state's unorthodox $50 million investment in rare coins doesn't have to make its files public because state law exempts work done by private businesses for the state." (AP)

IRS to Target Major D.C. Ethics Watchdog?

The Hill newspaper speculates on whether the IRS, as part of its efforts to prevent the political abuse of non-profit status, will go after the Washington, D.C.-based good-government group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which has filed numerous complaints against Republicans in Congress. (The Hill)

Los Angeles Creates Donor Deputy Brigade?

Southern California law enforcement are handing out badges and identity cards to donors to campaigns for sheriff' and district attorney -- in possible violation of the law:

Although the badges issued by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and the San Bernardino County district attorney's office are not identical to those used by sworn officers, they bear similar stars or other symbols and official department names. It is a misdemeanor in California to distribute badges to the public that are likely to be confused with real law enforcement badges.

(LA Times)

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