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It's evidence of the difficulty even top-knotch lawyers have constructing a sympathetic portrait that they include such episodes as his confused conversion to Orthodox Judaism, which he did by buying a book on the subject and misreading key points. (They omitted the fact that his conversion was sparked by watching "Fiddler on the Roof.")

It must be read to be believed. (NYTimes, Miami Herald, AP)

DeLay Wants Gun Back

Rep. Tom DeLay, whose concealed-carry permit was recently suspended, has asked the court to have it reinstated. (Houston Chronicle)

Another Adviser Leaves Harris Campaign

We'd say political advisers are fleeing Rep. Katherine Harris's (R-FL) Senate campaign like rats flee a sinking ship, but that's not fair to sinking ships. (Rim shot!)

Media consultant Adam Goodman is the most recent to depart. His departure was preceded by those of Harris' campaign manager, pollster, national financial director and treasurer. Harris had earlier accused Goodman -- her media consultant -- of leaking derogatory information to the press. (Orlando Sentinel, St. Augustine (FL) Record)

Senate: So THAT'S Where We Put That Lobbying Bill

The Senate is set to revisit lobbying reform, Roll Call reports. Apparently the new hot amendment is one banning anonymous holds on legislation. That bit of legislative legerdemain is an annoyance but hardly the issue -- and it's played absolutely no role in recent Congressional corruption scandals. Either the Senate subscribes to the broken-window theory of policing, or they're getting sidetracked. (Roll Call)

Bush Stumps for Burns at Fundraiser

Pres. Bush's people must think that Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT), who's been haunted for months by reports that he's under investigation for his ties to Jack Abramoff, will be around for awhile, because he appeared at Burns' fundraiser last night to scare up some cash for the endangered senator. Said Bush: "I kind of like being on the same platform as Senator Burns because he makes me sound like Shakespeare. I like a plain-talking fellow." (Remarks, Reuters)

For those of you wondering about just how Burns was tied into Abramoff, an NPR piece that aired this weekend lays it all out for you. (NPR)

Cunnningham's Last Check

After he'd already pled guilty, Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-CA) sent a $2,000 check from his campaign to the National Republican Congressional Committee. According to the NRCC's Carl Forti, "the NRCC does not have any standard practice for dealing with donations from convicted former lawmakers." Maybe it's time to rethink that? (The Hill)

Ambassador Spins the Revolving Door

The U.S. ambassador to Japan until last year, former Senator Howard Baker has already registered to lobby for Toshiba Corporation. "The revolving door certainly does spin fast." (The Plank)

McCain's Ex-Aide to Lobby for Disney

"Disney has turned to Bill Bailey, former communications adviser to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), as its lobbying arm's new No. 2." (The Hill)

David Safavian Wins One

Former Bush Administration official David Safavian, who's being prosecuted for lying about his dealings with Jack Abramoff, won a legal victory in the battle before trial:

Safavian's attorneys had subpoenaed Indian Affairs investigator Bryan David Parker for all documents or notes Parker made during his discussions with Safavian in February and March 2005. The Justice Department tried to have the subpoena quashed, arguing that Safavian’s attorneys already had notes from an FBI agent who interviewed Parker. [Judge] Friedman eventually sided with Safavian.

(Roll Call)

The trial date has been reset for May 22.

Rep. John Sweeney's Fact-Finding Ski Trip

The local press is asking why the New York Power Authority helped pay for a ski weekend Rep. Sweeney took last year. Sweeney told the ethics committees it was a business trip. (Post-Standard)

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