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Neil Bush's Investors

-- Hamza El Khouli, an associate of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and chairman of First Arabian Development and Investment Company (Lawrence Journal World)

-- Les and Anne Csorba, Bush contributors who worked in the first Bush White House in the White House Personnel Office and the Office of Personnel Management (Houston Chronicle).

-- Former Iranian Ambassador Hushang Ansary, a Houston businessman (Houston Chronicle).

-- Sofidiv Inc., a division of the Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton luxury goods company (Houston Chronicle)

-- Mohammed Al Saddah of the Ultra Horizon Co. in Kuwait (Houston Chronicle).

-- Winston Wong (alternately, Winston Wang), a Taiwan businessman who started the Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. with the eldest son of China's president, Jiang Zemin (Washington Post)

-- Joseph Peacock, company secretary at Crest Investment, where Neil Bush was co-chairman; they specialize in the energy sector. Peacock is also involved with many companies owned by Jamal Daniel - Daniel is a Syrian-American businessman with business ties to the Bush family (St. Petersburg Times)

-- Boris Berezovky, a Russian billionaire living in London with ties to many Russian politicians, including Boris Yeltsin. He is sought by Russian prosecutors and Interpol for fraud (Moscow Times, Washington Post)

-- Knowledge Universe, a company chaired by former junk bond king Michael Milken (Philadelphia Inquirer, AP)

-- The Nagase Brothers education company in Japan (AP, NY Times)

-- Timothy Bridgewater, the chief executive of Interlink Management, the venture capital firm he and Neil started, also one of the Republican “Pioneers” who helped raise $100,000 for George W. Bush during the 2000 campaign (Philadelphia Inquirer)

and finally,

-- Bush's parents