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Bloomberg Gun Control Group Says Target Shut Down Its Protest On Sunday


“We were told to leave because Target prohibits demonstrations due to its commitment to providing a ‘distraction-free’ shopping experience – yet we know that just days ago, gun extremists were openly carrying guns and demonstrating in the same place,” Jamie Adams, the head of the group's Texas chapter said in a statement. “We have a question for Target: how are moms and their children openly carrying strollers and signs classified as a distraction while gun extremists openly carrying assault rifles are not? The time has come for Target to stand with moms and ensure the safety and security of our children.”

Target stores, particularly in Texas, have been a focus of both gun control and gun rights activists. Earlier this month, the gun rights group Open Carry Texas made a stop in the parking lot outside a Target in Irving, Texas. The two groups have been acting as foils for each other, and whereas Open Carry Texas' earlier activities outside the Irving Target prompted angry statements from Moms Demand Action, Sunday's incident was followed by a happy comment from the Open Carry Texas.

"Moms Demand Action asked to leave Target during their 'protest,'" Open Carry Texas wrote in a Facebook post linking to a local news account. "No business likes a bully."

While some chain restaurants have responded to Open Carry Texas' demonstrations -- and Moms Demand Action's statements -- by asking customers to leave their guns at home, Target has so far said that it will continue to follow local laws on the issue.

In a statement on Monday, Moms Demand Action said that its Virginia chapter was also asked to stop soliciting signatures for a petition during a "Stroller Jam" at a Richmond Target on Saturday.

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