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Wilmore Slams White Lowe's Customer Who Refused Delivery By Black Employee

Comedy Central

First up was Target’s recent move to remove gendered labels from its toy, entertainment, and bedding aisles, which Wilmore said he noticed while shopping for a “combination riding-mower-beer-cozy-Cheez-It-dispenser.” The store’s decision to stop gendering children’s items came under fire from critics like Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, who worries it will confuse parents.

Wilmore said their children have larger concerns to focus on, like learning “facial recognition.”

He then turned to Lowe’s, which made headlines this week when a white customer in Virginia refused to allow a veteran Lowe’s employee to make a delivery to her house because he was black. The store acquiesced to her complaint, sending a white deliveryman in his place.

As Wilmore put it, “Everyone probably should have known there would be trouble when her order was just nails, two planks of wood, and some gasoline.”