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Bundy Militiamen Gave Campaign Cash Even As They Railed Against Feds.


The outlet reported that the family of Ammon Bundy, the man believed to be leading the standoff in Oregon at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, donated $1,000 to Ron Paul in 2008 and and another $500 in 2012. According to the E and E report, his wife Lisa Bundy also gave $2,500 to Ron Paul in 2012 as well $5,000 to an anti-gay marriage ballot initiative in the state of Arizona.

The money train continues throughout the Bundy family. Ammon's brother Ryan also gave more than $600 to Ron Paul's presidential bid in 2008.

The Hammond family, who inspired the Oregon takeover after Dwight and Steven Hammond were sentenced to federal prison for setting fire to federal lands, have also contributed to federal candidates.

According to the E and E report, Dwight Hammond gave $750 during the 1998 election cycle and his wife Susan gave more than $2,500 between 1998 and 2010. $950 went to current Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, (R), who has decried the militia's taking of the refuge.