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Carney: President Was Not Aware Campaign Considered Dropping Biden In 2012

AP Photo / Evan Vucci

According to a forthcoming book, Obama's campaign considered replacing Biden wilth Hillary Clinton for the 2012 election. Members of Obama's team have denied that they considered the switch.

Carney would not endorse Biden for president in 2016, but reiterated that Biden is a valuable member of Obama's team.

"What happens in 2016, is something that we'll see in 2016," Carney said.

"There is little doubt that he was enormous asset to the entire cause and enterprise," Carney said about Biden.

Although Carney did not offer a stance on Democratic candidates for president in 2016, he joked about what he would like to see in the Republican 2016 primary.

"We can talk about the Republicans. That's interesting," Carney said. "I think they all ought to run. It'd be awesome."