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E.W. Jackson: I Can Respect Everyone And Believe Homosexuality Is 'A Horrible Sin' (VIDEO)

AP Photo / Steve Helber

Jackson explained that his roles as a minister and as a lawmaker are separate, and that he can still treat all people with respect.

"Believing that marriage is a union between one man and one woman and having certain moral beliefs is not incompatible with treating all people with respect," Jackson said.

"What I resent is the idea that a religious test is being applied, that as a teacher of the Bible on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, for example, I'm disqualified from serving in public office because of my religious views," he added. "I understand the difference between my role as a minister and my role as lieutenant governor."

Jackson argued he can indeed protect everyone's beliefs.

"I will defend people's right to believe what they want to believe and to practice whatever religion they want to practice or not at all. That's my role as lieutenant governor."

Video via WJLA:

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