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Lawyer: Stiviano Was Not Donald Sterling's Girlfriend

AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill

"It's nothing like it's been portrayed," attorney Mac Nehoray told the newspaper on Tuesday. "She's not the type of person everyone says."

Nehoray said Stiviano, 31, made the recording of Sterling, but had no role in its release to the website TMZ. According to Nehoray, the recorded conversation took place in Stiviano's home. Sterling, 80, knew he was being recorded, and another person was present in the room, Nehoray said. On the recording, Sterling can be heard telling Stiviano not to bring black people to his basketball games, along with numerous other racist comments. In response to the release of the recording, the NBA decided to ban Sterling for life.

"My client is devastated that this got out," Nehoray told the Times.

Nehoray said he and his client "have an idea" about who released the recording, and said it had been released "for money."

Sterling's wife, Rochelle Sterling, filed a lawsuit last month against Stiviano, seeking the return of a $1.8 million Los Angeles apartment, as well as several luxury cars, given to Stiviano by Donald Sterling. According to the Times, the lawsuit claims that Stiviano and Sterling met at the 2010 Super Bowl, and later had a sexual relationship. Nehoray denies that claim. According to Nehoray, Stiviano worked for Sterling as an archivist, and also helped manage his charities.