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Trump: I Want Paul Ryan To Stay On As RNC Chairman (VIDEO)


During an interview on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," Trump said that even though Ryan offered to step down if Trump asked him to do so, he'd like to keep the speaker on in that capacity. Ryan has so far declined to endorse Trump.

"He is a very good man," Trump said. "He wants what's good for the party. And I think we're going to have very positive results. I'd love frankly for him to stay and be chairman."

Trump went on to defend Ryan after host Bill O'Reilly said Ryan would "fall in line" and support the real estate mogul. Trump also made a rare (for him) call for party unity.

"I don't think he will fall into line," Trump said of Ryan. "I don't think fall into line is the right words, Bill. I think he loves this party he loves this country and he wants to see something good happen. I think we will do better if we are unified."

Watch below: