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Trump: My Taxes Are Low Because 'I Fight Like Hell' And Hire Best Lawyers (VIDEO)


“I pay a lot of tax but I fight like hell to make it as low as possible,” he told a group of reporters and supporters. “It’s an expense. I fight. I have the best lawyers and the best accountants.”

Trump mocked other politicians, like businessman and former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, for saying they pay "so much."

The plan Trump outlined involves significant tax reductions for millions of Americans, but would eliminate loopholes that allow managers of hedge funds and private equity firms to pay a lower tax rate than others.

Trump’s proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy prompted “60 Minutes” host Scott Pelley to ask, “What kind of Republican are you?”

Trump responded that he’s “a pretty good Republican” but that he didn’t “want to have certain people on Wall Street getting away with paying no tax."

Trump hasn’t commented on whether the hedge fund managers he is targeting will, like him, fight to pay the lowest possible amount in taxes.