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Trump Aide: You Couldn't Get The Truth Out Of Clinton If You Waterboarded Her!


Barry Bennett's comments came in an interview with CNN's Kate Bolduan about Clinton's Thursday foreign policy speech and her use of a private email server as secretary of state. Bennet said that finds Clinton's tactics during the investigation dishonest.

"I mean, it's crazy. I mean, she has continued to lie about it, right?" Bennett said. "She told us the lawyers signed off on it, the inspector general said that's not true. She said she would cooperate with all of the investigations, she stonewalled the IG. Everything is taking the Fifth. You count get the truth from Hillary Clinton if you waterboarded her."

"What?" Bolduan replied.

"You couldn't get the truth out of her with a waterboard," Bennett said.

Bolduan then asked Bennett whether a President Trump would have his attorney general investigate Clinton over her emails.

"I'm more interested in the FBI," he said. "If the DOJ tries to stop the FBI, then yes."