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Cruz Chats With Iowa Host Who Proposed Slavery To Punish 'Illegals' (AUDIO)

AP Photo / Tony Gutierrez

In a freewheeling conversation on Friday, Cruz and Mickelson discussed the term “anchor babies” (which both agreed was not offensive) and ending birthright citizenship (which Cruz said he “absolutely” supports).

“As a policy matter, I think it is basic common sense that we shouldn’t be incentivizing illegal immigration,” Cruz said, referring to concerns that undocumented immigrants come to the U.S. to have children so that their kids will have American citizenship. “It doesn’t make sense to provide rewards for people to break the law and come here.”

Cruz also applauded fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump, saying his candidacy “forced the mainstream media to talk about illegal immigration.”

Cruz’s appearance on Mickelson’s show came after the radio host on Monday suggested turning “illegals” into “property of the state” as punishment. Mickelson said the immigrants could help realize Trump’s plan to build a large wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, becoming “an asset of the state rather than a liability.”

When a reader called in on Monday to say Mickelson’s plan sounded quite similar to slavery, the host replied, “What’s wrong with slavery?”

Listen to the interviews below.

h/t Right Wing Watch