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Jon Stewart To Troops: You'll Be 'Busy' When Trump Is Prez (VIDEO)


The former "Daily Show" host, who was introducing Vice President Joe Biden, teased Biden for being "crazy" and unpredictable and then pivoted to taking a shot at Trump, according to Time.

“(Biden is) always a guy, you know, we had a lot of fun with … he’s a guy that’s unpredictable,” Stewart said. “He’ll say whatever he kind of thinks of, whatever comes to his mind, sort of impulsive. Sometimes, you might think to yourself, ‘That sounds crazy,’ or ‘Man, that is crazy.’ And who would have thought that now, that gets you the Republican nomination.”

Stewart kept the Trump jabs going, referencing the real estate mogul's comments about aggressively using the military.

"Don’t worry, Trump’s gonna keep you busy when he’s the commander-in-chief," Stewart said. "You’re gonna have to paint all the planes with 'Trump' in big gold letters. You’re gonna be busy."

Watch below: