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Suspect Used Gun From Home In Nevada School Shooting

AP Photo / Kevin Clifford

"They are grieving parents," Tom Miller, deputy chief of the Sparks Police Department, said.

Police also announced further details about the shooting. The shooter tried to enter the school, but was unable to due to staff procedures put in place.

Miller called the staff and law enforcement response "nothing short of phenomenal." Law enforcement said that if the shooter had been able to enter the school, he could have had access to more students.

The shooter shot one student, then teacher Michael Landsberry, and then another student before shooting himself outside of the school. Police said they believe the shooter shot himself in the head.

Police said that they are still investigating motives for the shooting. Authorities believe there is potential for the parents of the shooter to face charges, even though they are fully cooperating with law enforcement.

School District Superintendent Pedro Martinez emphasized that the shooting was an isolated incident.

"This is the action of one student," Martinez said. "Our schools are safe."

Law enforcement confirmed the identity of Micahel Landsberry, the math teacher who was fatally wounded, and said that the two students who were shot are stable and recovering.