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Report: WND Founder And Birther Leader Stopped At Airport With Loaded Gun


A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority told the SPLC that Farah was released pending a summons, and is facing a class 1 misdemeanor charge for carrying a gun in an airport terminal.

According to the SPLC, The Washington Post first reported the incident on Monday but misreported the age of the individual involved. The SPLC said an airport spokesperson had confirmed that the person cited for the weapon charge was Joseph Francis Farah, 59.

As the SPLC points out, this wasn't Farah's first run-in with the TSA. In 2010, Farah wrote a column about his own "little TSA mini-nightmare." That incident involved a broken suitcase zipper, rumpled clothing, and bad customer service, plus "systematic violations of Americans’ constitutional rights." At the end of the column, Farah urged his readers to sign a petition to end "gate rape" and "virtual strip searches" at airports.

Farah has published two columns on WND since Sunday. One, published Monday, was titled "ISIS Rising - What It Portends." The second, published Tuesday, was titled "Why I Will Never Be A Presbyterian, Again." Neither mentioned the TSA.

TPM's attempts to reach Farah on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

(Photo credit: YouTube/TheAlexJonesChannel)