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'Ready For Christie' PAC Launches In Ohio

AP Photo / Mel Evans

"The committee recognizes that the decision to run for President is deeply personal. Ready for Christie hopes to make this decision easier for Governor Christie," says a press release from the PAC.

The founders of the group, Joe Colby, a multimedia arts professional, and Matt McKnight, a former congressional staffer, said in the statement that Christie is the solution to Washington's dysfunction.

"In a time when Washington politics have become bitterly divided, America is ready for a candidate who has shown the ability to unite Americans across party lines," the statement reads. "Governor Christie is the leader who can put an end to the divisiveness in Washington, and return America to prosperity and conservatism."

Colby and McKnight are both college students at Ohio University, according to the Washington Post.

Christie easily won re-election in New Jersey Tuesday, earning about 60 percent of the vote in a Democratic-leaning state.

The governor has said that he would not rule out a run for president, but has not yet made a decision on a 2016 bid.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton also organize with "Ready for Hillary" PAC to encourage the former secretary of state to run for president in 2016. Like the Ready for Christie PAC, the Clinton PAC is not affiliated with Hillary, but is run by some of her key supporters and has gained some key backers.