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Rand Paul: GOPers May Have 'Over-Emphasized' Voter Fraud

AP Photo / Charles Dharapak

Paul made the comments on Tuesday during a sit-down interview with former senior Obama adviser David Axelrod at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics. Here's the portion from the transcript highlighted by the Post:

Paul: Dead people do still vote in some elections. There still is some fraud. And so we should stop that, and one way of doing it is (driver's licenses).

Axelrod: Although the incidence of fraud is relatively small.

Paul: It probably is, and I think Republicans may have over-emphasized this. I don't know.

The Post noted that Paul said he supports voter ID efforts as a way of providing a minimal standard at the polls. But he said efforts to curtail early voting is a "mistake."

"I don't think early voting is biased one way or the other," Paul said. "So I think eliminating it is a mistake for the -- Republicans who want to make their whole thing eliminating early voting, I think that's a mistake."