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Rand Paul: I Was Kidding About That 'Dumbass' Livestream (VIDEO)

Fox News

“People tend to be a little too serious and don’t quite understand sarcasm,” Paul told host Martha MacCallum.

Paul’s “dumbass” remark, captured on camera, was a response to whether he was still in the running for the GOP presidential nomination, which he said was the most Googled question about him.

“I don’t know — wouldn’t be doing this dumbass livestreaming if I weren’t," he said during the livestreamed video. "So yes, I still am running for President. Get over it.”

Paul looked visibly frustrated in the video and told a Washington Post reporter he didn’t know why the campaign had decided to produce it.

His somber performance prompted editor Erick Erickson to write an op-ed calling for Paul to “take your campaign out back and shoot it.”

Paul didn’t appear much happier during Friday's Fox News appearance, barely cracking a smile as he defended his low poll numbers to a skeptical MacCallum.

Watch below: