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Princeton To Consider Scrubbing Woodrow Wilson’s Name From Campus


The Washington Post reported that university president Christopher Eisgruber agreed to many of the protesters’ demands, including training staff to understand cultural differences and providing a cultural space for black students. President Eisgruber will also coordinate with the school's board of trustees to discuss the campus legacy of Wilson, an alumnus and onetime president of the University.

Wilson’s name currently graces the school’s prestigious Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs and a residential college, while a mural of the former president hangs in a dining hall.

The culmination of the students’ marathon sit-in was marred by an anonymous bomb threat, which The Post reported was linked to their protest. After issuing a safety alert to students, the university’s official Twitter account announced Friday morning that the threat had been deemed “not credible” by campus security.

The protest at Princeton came amid a wave of heightened racial tensions at campuses across the country, including Georgetown University, the University of Missouri, Yale University and Harvard University.