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Panel Led By NV GOP Chair Questions Women's Role In Workforce


Semas argued that women have left the home in the past few decades at about the same time that some of these issues started cropping up.

“There is a cultural issue. I'm of the opinion that many of – and I need to be careful how I phrase this – there are a lot of social conditions, a lot of social changes, that have occurred in the last 50 years and they parallel women leaving their home occupations as mothers and homemakers and entering the workforce," he said. "While I don’t deny anybody’s rights to pursue their dreams regardless of their sex…"

After a few of the panelists weighed in, Taber asked the group, "Does it matter whether the mom is at home or the dad is at home?"

Most of the panelists said, "It does," according to Ralston.

The rest of the panel was made up by Nevada GOP vice-chairman Tom Dickman, candidate for Nevada assembly Jill Dickman; Washoe GOP intern Sean Barnhill and Kelly Rush, host of a food program on Nevada local radio.