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Sarah Palin Says Ted Cruz 'Schooled The Media' During CNBC Debate (VIDEO)


In a post-debate interview with the conservative NewsmaxTV, Palin applauded Cruz for telling journalists “to start getting focused on the things that concern us, the things that really make a difference in a presidential campaign.”

Cruz’s camp took note of Palin’s praise, publishing a clip of the interview on the campaign YouTube channel on Friday and tweeting it out with the note, “Thank you for the kind words.”

The Texas Senator drew headlines during the third Republican debate in Colorado for his impassioned rant about media bias. Asked about the national debt, Cruz spent the entirety of his allotted time railing against the moderators for turning the debate into “a cage match” and asking for a focus on “substantive issues.”

He said the CNBC reporters’ questions “illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media.”

CNBC was widely panned after the debate for allowing candidates to take control of the conversation and asking insufficiently serious questions. On Friday, the Republican National Committee issued a letter to NBC—which owns CNBC—suspending its partnership for a debate next February due to concerns over the “bad faith” nature of Wednesday’s forum.

Watch Palin's comments about Cruz below.