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Oregon Militiamen Appear To Be Preparing To Put Local Officials On 'Trial'

AP Photo / Les Zaitz

According to the Oregonian, self-proclaimed U.S. Superior Court Judge Bruce Doucette (not a real judge) arrived in Harney County Tuesday and is readying militiamen for a big old trial.

Doucette, who is reportedly associated with the sovereign citizen movement, met with individuals at the wildlife refuge Tuesday and said he believed there was substantial evidence against local officials to take action.

As the Oregonian reported, however, Doucette's plan was to appoint a "grand jury" of 25 local residents who would "convene in private and make its decisions in private."

Whatever the locals decide, Doucette said he will write up and share with the public.

Doucette, 54, hails from Colorado where he works now as a computer technician, but Doucette has lent his services to embattled 'Constitutional' types before. In November, he offered to help a group of off-the-grid residents who had bought land online and were trying to set up off-the-grid homesteads in Colorado, but were facing backlash from the government.