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McCain Shoos Man From Phoenix Town Hall, Defends Conservative Record

AP Photo / Charles Dharapak

"I've been to Syria," McCain said. "Americans have not supplied many weapons at all."

When the constituent continued to loudly lecture McCain about terrorists in Syria, McCain told the man he was "rude" and shooed the him out of the town hall with a wave of his arm.

McCain later defended his conservative record when questioned by a woman in the audience about the shutdown and the health care law. McCain said he opposed the health care law from the beginning, but knew the defund effort would not work.

"I, who fought when they weren't even in the Senate … know when a mission can succeed," McCain said. "I'm an old military guy."

McCain then asserted that he is a Reagan Republican.

"I am for lower taxes, less regulation, freedom of enterprise," McCain said. "I believe that I am a Reagan Republican."