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Man Arrested For Allegedly Driving Through Anti-Trump Student Protestors


The man, who police did not name but said is not a student, was accused of accelerating his car during the peaceful protest Thursday by about 150 black students, the paper reported. He will be charged with assault as well as obstruction of law enforcement because he fled the scene, according to the Post Dispatch.

Student protesters also claimed that people spit on them and someone threw a firecracker into the crowd, The Daily Star Journal reported.

Another person was questioned about “menacing behavior” while in a vehicle near the site of the protest, the Post Dispatch reported. None of the incidents resulted in injuries, but both men accused of disrupting the protests are now banned from the campus.

The university’s president, Charles Ambrose, is set to meet with Justice Rappel, a student who said she was spit on, and other protestors to discuss safety concerns, according to The Washington Post.