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Drunk Mac & Cheese Bro Apologizes, Asks People To Send Mac & Cheese To Food Banks


“When I watched the video a few days later, I couldn’t believe it was me,” Gatti said. “I remember watching it thinking, ‘Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with me?’ This isn’t what I’m all about.”

In the original nine-minute recording, made by a fellow student, Gatti verbally abused food court manager Dave Robinson, calling him gay slurs and demanding he serve him some “fucking bacon-jalapeño mac and cheese.” When Robinson declined, Gatti became physical with him, shoving him repeatedly in the chest. He was arrested by campus police and charged with breach of peace and criminal trespass.

In his apology video, Gatti addressed the camera in somber tones from a purple-walled room decorated with flowery furniture.

Gatti acknowledged that Robinson was “really just doing his job” by refusing service to a clearly intoxicated underage student. He apologized for his “big mouth” and for "being a complete asshole” to the café staff.

Although Gatti insisted his behavior in this incident was out of character, he had previously been arrested twice for assaulting a police officer and calling a detective the N-word.

At the end of his video, he asked supporters who have offered to send him donations of mac and cheese to instead direct the donations to their local food banks.

“There’s a lot of hungry people out there,” Gatti said.

Watch the full video below.