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GOP Rep.: Americans Don't Trust Syrian Refugees Because Benghazi


“One of the reasons Americans are distrustful at this point. We have a president who after the murder of an ambassador in Benghazi and the murder of three heroes in Benghazi...told the American people that the attack was the result of a vide," Buck said. "You have a secretary of state that immediately identified that it was not the result of a video that it was the result of a video, that it was a result of a well-planned attack.”

“The American public has very little faith in this administration when they assure the American public that somehow they are able to determine that Syrians that come to this country are going to be trustworthy and that we will be safe," he continued. "It is a result of this administration’s lack of credibility that has caused the fear and panic among many of the Americans in this country.”

It has been four years since terrorists bombarded the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and killed U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens. Several committees in the House and Senate have conducted investigations and the House Select Committee on Benghazi recently grilled former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for 11 hours, but Buck's line of questioning goes to show Republicans still aren't quite ready to move on.