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Trump: Can We Ask Kasich To Change 'Ridiculous' Spelling Of His Name?


While speaking to a crowd in Connecticut, Trump started on a tear about how many more millions of votes he has than Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). During that portion of his speech, he stopped to wax poetic about the correct way to pronounce "Kasich."

“I don’t know how to pronounce his name — Kasich. It’s -i-c-h,” Trump said in a video reported by ABC. “Every time I see it I say Kas-itch. But it’s pronounced Kas-ick."

Trump went on to call the ordeal of pronouncing his name "ridiculous" and asked the crowd if he could ask Kasich to change the spelling.

“So I'm doing a very good job saying it...Can we ask him to change the spelling of his name? Are we allowed to do that? It’s so ridiculous,” Trump said.

Watch the full clip below: